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A Trip to Hangzhou Song Dynasty Town
Report by admin  2012-09-17
   “We are off!” “We are now on the expressway!” One-day tour to Hangzhou Song Dynasty Town and West Lake was another spring outing organized by the company for all staff and workers.

   In the spring sunshine and after seeing buildings and trees moving backwards from the coach, we arrived at the first destination - Hangzhou Song Dynasty Town - at 9:30 A.M. Though the giant, antique-style gate, along the majestic town walls, and in the large crowd of visitors, we followed the tour guide to walk into the Song Dynasty Town and saw a number of pseudo-classic architectural complexes and performers in ancient costume as if they were living in ancient times.

   The highlight of this tour was the large dramatic performance “The Legend of Romance - Hangzhou”, which comprised of four parts, i.e. “The Enlightenment Light of Liangzhu”, “Song Dynasty Palace Banquet Dance”, “Shining Spears & Armed Horses”, and “The Charm of Hangzhou”. The entire performance strung up the most profound cultural heritages unique to Hangzhou: there were the work and life of ancient Yue ancestors, the prosperity of the Southern Song Dynasty, the pathetic tragedy of the Great National Hero Yue Fei, the moving story of the White Snake and Xu Xian, the tear-jerking Legend of Butterfly Lovers, and so on. These ancient memories were perfectly reproduced with the most cutting-edge means which aroused and captured the interest of the audience throughout the entire performance.

   When the tour in Song Dynasty Town was ended, we went to the West Lake, a place renowned as “Paradise under the Heaven”. The poet Bai Juyi (AC 722-846) once said in his poem that “The reason for me reluctant to leave Hangzhou is due largely to this lake”. From this it can be seen that people as earlier as in those times were fond of the West Lake. The breeze was caressing the cheeks, peach trees were in full bloom, and willows were burgeoning. Spring was very much in the air. We cruised across the lake, leaving waves behind other, and visited the Ten Views of the West Lake that had been named by Emperor Qianlong (Qing Dynasty) in person in his trips to Regions South of the Yangtze River, which include: Melting Snow at Broken Bridge, Autumn Moon over the Calm Lake, Orioles Singing in Willows, Twin Peaks Piercing Clouds, Spring Dawn at Su Causeway, Three Pools Mirroring the Moon, Viewing Fish at Flower Harbor, Evening Bell at Nanping Hill, Sunset Glow at Leifeng Pagoda, and Breeze-ruffled Lotus at Zigzag Courtyard.

   At the sun’s set, we ended the itinerary of this day. When we were on the return trip and looked at beautiful scenes drifting further away out of the window, the lingering attachment to this city just crossed my mind. “The West Lake looks like the fair lady at her best, whether she is richly adorned or plainly dressed.” The reason for the West Lake to become well-known across the world lies in not only the spiritual, delicate beauty but also the profound landscape and cultural background. Hangzhou and the West Lake as well deserve the reputation they enjoy, but it is the travel by you and me to the city that makes Hangzhou more beautiful!